Electronics and Automation Technologies

Programme Coordinator
Dr. H.H.E.Jayaweera
BSc Hons (Col), PhD (Col)
Email: hiran@phys.cmb.ac.lk
Tel: (+94) 11-258 4777

Financial Engineering

Programme Coordinator
Prof. S.S.N.Perera
BSc Hons (Col), MSc (Trieste, Italy), PhD(Kaiserslautern, Germany), CTHE (Col), SEDA (UK)
Email: ssnp@maths.cmb.ac.lk, sanjeewa.perera@sci.cmb.ac.lk
Tel: (+94) 11 2507010, (+94) 11 2058139

Environment, Development and Sustainability

Programme Coordinator
Dr. Dewanmini Halwatura
BSc Hons(kln), PhD(Queensland University, Australia)
Email: devan.halwatura@zoology.cmb.ac.lk
Tel: +94 11-2503399

Biotechnology and Microbiology

Programme Coordinator
Dr. Anushka Wickramasuriya
BSc Hons(Col), PhD(UK)
Email: anushka@pts.cmb.ac.lk
Tel: +94 11-258 5038