The Center is in charge of regularly assessing and evaluating the activities in all External Degree Programs in order to monitor quality performance and encourage productivity and growth. It aims to establish and protect high standards and ethical procedures for instruction, learning, and evaluation.


Director Cyber Campus / Chairperson QAC
Prof. I.M.K. Fernando

QAC Coordinator
Dr. Thushani A. Weerasinghe

QAC Secretary
Ms. L.D.K.T. Dassanayake

Management Assistant
Ms. A.A.D.C.S. Amarasinghe

Programme Coordinators

  • Dr. Anushka Wickramasuriya – BSc (External) in Biotechnology and Microbiology programme
  • Dr. Hiran H. E. Jayaweera – BSc (External) in Electronics and Automation Technologies programme
  • Dr. Devanmini Halwatura – BSc (External) in Environment, Development and Sustainability programme
  • Prof. S. S. Nishantha Perera – BSc (External) in Financial Engineering programme

Heads of the Departments

  • Dr. H.S. Kathriarachchi – Department of Plant Sciences
  • Prof. K.P.S.C. Jayarathne – Department of Physics
  • Prof. Devaka K. Weerakoon – Department of Zoology and Environment Sciences
  • Prof. S.S.N. Perera – Department of Mathematics

Faculty Representatives

  • Prof. D.U.J. Sonnadara – Dean / Faculty of Science